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Terrazzo is All Bright’s specialty. These floors were usually installed back in the 60’s and have now become somewhat of a luxury for the lucky people to come across them. All Bright has the restoration experience and knowledge to bring your terrazzo floor back from the past. In most occasions these floors have been covered up for a number of years. Carpet, tile and linoleum can leave some staining behind in the terrazzo after it’s taken up. These stains (depending on the severity) can be removed by the grinding done in the diamond honing process used to get down to the fresh cement and marble chips. If the stains are too stubborn a chemical treatment may be necessary after the restoration process is complete. Tack strips and wall removals can cause holes and chips in the terrazzo. Not to worry though, All Bright uses a marble filler that we mix on the job to match the background of your specific floor. Then chips are made and added to match and mimic the marble chips in your floor. Each hole is patched and sanded down flush to be honed with the rest of the floor in the restoration process. This results in a patch that shines and blends right in with your terrazzo. Call today to schedule a free estimate and learn more about All Bright’s restoration process and what we can do for your terrazzo.

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